sharing the moment


Yesterday, I kept Phoebe out of daycare so that she could watch the inauguration with me. A friend of mine in Boston was hosting a viewing at her apartment, and I thought it would be great to watch with friends. John, unfortunately, had an important work meeting, but I decided that Phoebe, Theo and I would head into Boston.

We almost didn’t end up going. Even though I got up before 8:00, things moved really slowly. A few minutes before 10:00 found me re-dressing Theo after a major diaper blowout and impromptu sponge bath, and Phoebe running around the house naked. It takes an hour to drive into Boston, and then I’d have parking to deal with, and then baby and toddler-wrangling to get up 3 flights of stairs to my friend’s apartment. I didn’t see how we could possibly make it before the ceremony, and I just didn’t want to miss it. I called my friend to tell her we weren’t going to make it.

But then, somehow, we kicked into high gear, and Phoebe (who was very unhappy at the idea of staying home) got dressed in a hurry, and we got on the road by 10:15. Traffic was light, and there was parking only about a block from my friend’s apartment. I called and one of my friends came down to the street to help us in. (There were giant 4-foot snowbanks between the street and the sidewalk, and I had to make separate trips climbing over/through with Phoebe and Theo, so it was good to have someone else there.) I think we got to my friend’s apartment around 11:30, where there was a spread of yummy food, some friends, and a bottle of champagne.

It was fun to watch the ceremony with friends, and we cheered and jeered and toasted and joked and were so incredibly happy to see this day.

I held Theo on my lap, and pulled Phoebe close to me during Obama’s speech. I’m so glad that I had them there with me, so that some day I can tell them where they were for this amazing moment of history.

11 responses to “sharing the moment

  1. I’m glad you were able to make it! It was a special moment, & those are always made better by sharing.

  2. Glad you were able to spend the day celebrating with friends after all.

  3. Neato !

    I wish I’d had people over to do the viewing, but I did have my DOG witness history with me…

  4. Yes – and that nice photo too.

  5. love this picture.. I just realized you can see Phoebe’s reflection over Obama’s shoulder, like she’s a good angel whispering in his ear. (she’s on his right, so that would make her a good angel, right?)

    your friend needs to do a better job dusting

  6. I love the photo. It’ll be a keeper for all time.

  7. We scatter-shot watched it online and listened a bit in the car and I think Nora saw some of it at the babysitter’s. Darn work!

  8. That’s awesome! And I love the onesie (I already know more than the president) in the next post.

  9. he’s looking right at her, isn’t he?

    i loved this post.

  10. I love Phoebe’s “Hello, I must be going,” stance! It was a pretty fabulous moment, wasn’t it?

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