hat fetish (PhotoHunt)

What can I say? I love hats. And what’s more, my kiddos look good in a hat. Damn good. I found myself overwhelmed by cute-hatted options for this week’s PhotoHunt theme of “hats.” While tempted to put together a headwear retrospective¹, I decided to show a bit of restraint. For now.

Phoebe in a flowered cap, age 2 and a half.

Phoebe in a flowered cap, age 2 and a half.

Theo in the cradle, wearing a funky hat. (Age 4 months)

Theo in the cradle, wearing a funky hat. (Age 4 months)

For more hats than you can shake a cat at, go visit tnchick.

¹ Like KC, it appears that I am afflicted with Trichotoppomania.

17 responses to “hat fetish (PhotoHunt)

  1. Both of your baby looks good in hat…great take for the theme..

    Mine here.

  2. those eyes just kill me

  3. oh your kids are so cute with those hats :) mine is up too.

  4. Adorable, as always.

    Have you seen my cat in a “hat”?

  5. Beautiful photos and beautiful children.

    Here’s Mine!

  6. Theo is TOTALLY owning that jester hat! Work it baby, work it!

  7. lemonjude-
    Thanks, and thanks for your visit!

    Me too. My heart melts daily.


    Yup. (I have no modesty when it comes to my kiddos.)

    Thanks, as always! I have seen your cat, but have been to lame to comment yet.

    Thanks to you, too!

    City Girl-
    Oh, yeah. He’s workin’ in.

  8. oh geez, cute hats and adorable kids are very good combination fora picture perfect pics. My Ph entry is up too. cya there.

  9. Oh, the babes do look good in hats! So cute. I’ll be waiting for the retrospective!

  10. Very cute. Kids should wear hats all the time. That is my belief.

  11. Alejna —

    Your kids are really cute – with or without hats on them! ;b

  12. nothing cuter than babies in hats!

  13. Your kids are so cute and the hats aren’t bad either!

  14. too adorable!!! heehee!!!

  15. Your chipped china is pretty, but Theo is awesome in his cute hat!

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