cough, cough

No, I’m not just trying to get your attention. Well, maybe I am.

Our household has been beset by a plague of mucus. I’ve been feeling pretty worn out. It’s no fun tending to a sick baby when sick oneself. I can’t tell you the number of times when I’ve finally gotten Theo to settle down and then had to cough or sneeze, causing him to wake up and/or get riled up. Phoebe and John are both sick, too. We are a fun bunch.

The laundry situation recently became so dire that yesterday I found myself wearing an “outfit” that defies description. Let me describe it to you, and defy its description-defyingness.

Finding that all pants fitting my current size were sufficiently soiled with various baby-related fluids that even I wouldn’t wear them, I was pleased to discover that my maternity yoga pants actually fit moderately well, if rather differently than they did a few months ago. They are velour, in a very pretty dark plum color. (Yes, I’m saying I put on some fuzzy purple pants.) I next surveyed my shirt options. Because it’s freakin’ cold here, I like to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt layered under a sweater. The only such long-sleeved shirt remaining in my closet was my Halloween shirt. Orange. “Fuck it,” I said. (And I believe that’s an exact quote.) I grabbed the damn orange shirt, layered a blue hoodie on top, and next went on a quest for socks.

I have a gazillion socks in a pile. Almost none of which seem to match. The only pair I could muster were a sort of raspberry color, no doubt remaining only because I don’t generally willingly wear them. (I can’t remember what words I used when I made this discovery.)

I did find myself thinking, though, and for the second time in less than a week, “someday soon, I will embarrass my children.” (Now that I think about it, the other time was a sock-related incident, too. A public sock-related incident.)

It’s a glamorous life I lead.

17 responses to “cough, cough

  1. because of this entry, I am now sick.


    cough cough

  2. The sound you hear is not a cough – laughing a lot. I hope, with you. That colour combination ought to scare every germ you have right out of your house.
    Hugs! Wishing you all better very soon.

  3. Otto Mann-
    Sorry about that. I guess all sorts of viruses can be spread over the internet.

    These germs seem to be particularly rugged, and aren’t scared off as easily as I’d hope.

  4. KayTar is sick. I am sick. Last night BubTar woke up crying about his throat. We feel your pain.

    This post, however, raised my spirits a few notches. :)

  5. purple, orange and pink? my daughter loves you.

  6. Hee hee, I have the most hideous pair of shorts left over from my maternity clothes days, which like your pants fit reasonably well and so I still wear them all the time. They just look AWFUL.

    They are lime green dip dyed bermuda shorts, made out of sweatpant material in a size XXL from Target. Sexy.

    So bad that every time I wear them Brett begs me to stop. But they are comfy! And I don’t care when they get spit on!

  7. I’m not sure what the bottom of yoga pants is like. Do they flair? Are they long enough? These are the things that matter.

    And blue. There are so many shades of blue. I can see a deep marine blue as very complementary.

    Yes, you’d be fine with me. (I am currently wearing fleece striped socks, brown jeans and three tops – yellow, green and brown, because it is freakin’ cold.)

  8. It sounds like you are a walking children’s dream outfit!

    And I know you can do WAAAAAY better at that when you start actively embarrassing your kids.

    Aside from all of that, I really hope everyone is feeling better soon! Doesn’t your dissertation funding include trips down south? ALL SORTS of interesting linguistic stuff here, I tell you.

  9. there seems to be a plague taking over the blogosphere!

    feel better

  10. Oh my eyes, just thinking about it, my eyes!


    Hope you all feel better soon.

  11. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in that situation and thought that exact same thing. Sooner, rather than later, probably. Sigh.

  12. Wow…. sexiness!

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  13. the fuzzy clothes do seem to make their appearance when the laundry pile is low…i broke out my velour track pants this week.

  14. Kyla-
    I’m sorry to hear that your household is also plagued. But I’m glad I could at least lift your spirits a bit.

    Maybe I can take style lessons from her.

    I fear that now that I have put the purple pants back into the rotation, that I will be wearing them again. They are indeed very comfy.

    The pants have a moderate amount of flair, and I guess are long enough. The blue was a sort of dusky steel blue. I actually did like the colors togther, if they had been on the palette for some sort of fauvist painting. And I’m glad to hear that we are sisters in fashion in these cold times. Better to be an eyesore than to get frostbite.

    Well, considering I only left home to get Phoebe from daycare, the embarrassment power was moderately limited. But I haven’t yet shared my other sock story. Travelling south does sound appealing, but I’m afraid my travel funding pretty much got eaten up by my trip to Brazil in May. Sigh. It seems so long ago!

    I hope you have avoided the plague!

    Sorry about the eye pain. Though really I was no more colorful than a dramatic sunset.

    All too soon, I fear.

    Mme. Meow-
    Thanks! I felt sexy, let me tell you. Especially when my nose got red from my cold.

    There is something comforting in the fuzzy.

  15. I already have issues with finding something clean to wear – can’t wait to see what life is like after the baby’s born.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  16. Leslie-
    You may find that you develop a broader definition for the term “clean.”

  17. Glamour is highly overrated, especially when one is fighting the plague.

    Feel better!

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