awards, activism and all that

The Just PostsThe Just Posts are up today, the monthly roundtable of posts about issues of social justice and activism rounded up from around the blogosphere. Mad, Jen and Su have put together a wonderful list, as always. Please go have a look at their posts, and some of the great links they have served up.

Sadly, they have also announced that they are unable to continue to host the Just Posts in the future, for various personal reasons. This is their last Just Post host hurrah.

However, the Just Posts will go on. I am honored that Jen and Mad are willing to pass the torch to me along with partner in crime activism Holly of Cold Spaghetti. Starting in February, we will be hosting the Just Post at our blogs.

In other news, Holly very flatteringly nominated this blog for a Weblog Award (“The 2009 Bloggies”), in the categories of “best-kept secret” and “most humorous.”

I have gone and repaid her the compliment by nominating her as well. And while I was at it, I may have gone and nominated a few other blogs that are near and dear to me. (By the way, the nominations close today/Monday at 10 p.m., so if you also want to nominate someone, you’d better run!)


Anyhow, without further ado, here are my nominees.

best-kept secret weblog “The best underrepresented weblogs” (I wish I could have nominated 20 or more for this category!)

lifetime achievement “Webloggers who have been blogging since at least January 1, 2004.” Here, I’m happy to be able to nominate two bloggers who have been very influential in my own blogging:

weblog of the year “The category for the best weblog overall.”

best canadian weblog

most humorous weblog

best writing of a weblog

best new weblog “Weblogs that began during the year 2008.”

best australian or new zealand weblog

best asian weblog

best european weblog (Okay, so I picked some US and Canadian expats living in Eruope.)

best photography of a weblog

best art, craft, or design weblog

best weblog about music

  • wreke havoc (for her “guilty pleasures monday” series)

best entertainment weblog “Weblogs about movies, television, and/or theater.”

best weblog about politics

best computer or technology weblog

  • Disparate (because of his writings on social networking media)

best topical weblog “Weblogs with a distinct topic other than the ones in the categories above.” (Okay, so I sneaked a few personal blogs in the back door with this one, but they are ones with somewhat more focused topics.)

best group weblog “Weblogs written by an exclusive group.”

best community weblog: “Weblogs where everyone is invited to post.”

best web application for weblogs

That’s quite a bundle, but I actually feel bad for leaving so many great blogs off. I don’t like the categories for these awards. Most of the blogs I read don’t fit in easily. I managed to squeeze in a few by region and other criteria, but I had to leave out quite a few of my favorite blogs, which for the most part are personal blogs by Americans or Canadians. Guys, I owe you!

(I wish I had time to write more, but quite honestly, it’s taken me over 24 hours to get the nominations and the draft of this post together. Theo has been sick with a cold, feverish, and possibly also teething, and I have barely found more than 10 minutes in a row to type with both hands. )

23 responses to “awards, activism and all that

  1. Holy cannolis, that’s a lot of linking!

    Congratulations on your nomination – definitely much deserved, and thank you for thinking of me! I’ve been feeling a little blog bluesy/uninspired lately, so it’s much appreciated.

    Now, go and put that linking wrist on some ice. You don’t want to get carpal tunnel!

  2. Congratulations! Well done. :o)

  3. wow. thanks. i’m very flattered. thanks

    and thanks for taking over the justposts. my participation has been sporadic at best, but I truly appreciate them

  4. wow. thanks babe!!!

  5. Thank you, she said, blushing mightily. I sure am in rarefied company.
    Well done for your nomination. Well deserved. You are a marvel of inventive humour.

  6. you are just too nice to me. thanks for the nod!

  7. I’m so glad you’re taking on the Just Posts! I can’t think of better hands to put them in. Congratulations on your nomination, and I can see I have my reading cut out for me: that’s a whole lot of blogs listed up there, and I’m inestimably flattered to be on the list!

  8. Awww, shucks!

    And I am soooo happy you’re stepping up for the Just Posts. I would have been sad to see them go.

  9. you link like nobody’s business, baby. skills that will be super handy for all the JPs. xo

  10. Wow! That’s some awarding you’re doin’ there. Good on ya! Thanks.

  11. Holy moly. Thanks.

    And mazel tov.

  12. Wow…I’m incredibly honored. Thank you!

  13. Did you just add us?!

    If not, I totally missed our link last night. In true CG-CG fasion, that was probaby due to the zinfandel/xanax/lexapro cocktail….

    Thanks! We will try to live up to the link lovin’. :o)

  14. Oh wow!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! You’re too sweet, Alejna, and I’m flattered.

  15. I’m honored to be in such fine, fine company. Thank you!

    And I’m awfully glad that you’re continuing the Just Posts.

  16. rima-
    Mmm, cannolis.


    You’re welcome!
    Thanks for your support of the Just Posts. I only hope I can do them justice!

    You’re welcome. And you really are a great writer.

    Mary G-
    You’re quite welcome, and thank you very much!

    I just wish you had time to blog more–you do it with such style.

    Thanks for your voice of support about carrying on the just posts.
    As for your nomination, your blog is so good, I’m jealous. Seriously.

    Yes, I felt pangs of grief at reading that the JPs were going away. And those are just one letter away from “pants of grief.”

    This is part of my training montage.

    If I’m going to award, I like to award with abandon.

    You are very welcome. And thanks!

    Your blog is another one of those hidden gems.

    Nope, you were up there from the start. (It’s a very long list, though. I can understand how your eyes might have glazed over.)

    Mme. Meow-
    You’re welcome!

  17. Slouching Mom-
    You’re welcome, too! It is fine company, indeed.

    And thanks for your words of support about the JPs. Like I said (moments ago while I was starting to type that crazy long reply), I just hope I can do them justice.

    I’m so glad to finally meet you! (I’ve seen you around on so many of my favorite blogs.)

  18. alejna, thank you! I am really touched by this

  19. Hi Alejna —

    Thanks. Have to ask though: is mine the only Asian blog you read? ;)

  20. Muchísimas gracias, cariño!

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  22. Thanks for the nomination, now I’m off to read some of the others you suggested…

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