aftermath (Photo Hunt)

Phoebe shovels the driveway in the aftermath of the snowstorm.

Phoebe shovels the driveway in the aftermath of the snowstorm.

The PhotoHunt theme this week is “aftermath.” For more interpretations of the theme, go check out tnchick’s post.

(I admit that, once again, I struggled with this theme. I almost went with “afterbath” instead.)
(Be thankful I didn’t go with “afterbirth.”)

15 responses to “aftermath (Photo Hunt)

  1. Phoebe looks so cold. I miss the snow but not the cold. The afterbath photos are adorable. And Yes thanking for not sharing afterbirth LOL!


  2. You’re funny! I don’t need to see the afterbirth, either. I live in a place that rarely gets snow, so I enjoy looking at yours.

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Can she come shovel our new snow next, LOL. Cute shots.

  4. I’m glad you didn’t go with the afterbirth. :>)
    The shovel is bigger than Phoebe. Cute photos.

    If you have time stop by and see my photo hunt.

    JyLnC’s Aftermath

  5. LOL! But aren’t babies such a nice aftermath? And thanks for skipping the afterbirth. :)

  6. I stopped taking pitcures in the delivery room during the “afterbirth portion” of the process. There are none in circulation.


  7. Now I am imagining you, feet in the stirrups, babe at the breast, and digital SLR in hand, barking to the ob that you just want one good picture of the gunk in the pail. You know, for your blog.

  8. I miss snow. And I love after bath pics. And after bath baby smell…

  9. I hope you do not HAVE photos of afterbirth, let alone want to show them to us… ;b

  10. Aha, another cute kid pic … how long do you think we can keep going on kids & cats?

  11. Maybe I’m a complete nut, but the afterbirth is my favorite part (sorry, but placentas are cool!)

    I nominated you for a bloggie, by the way. :-)

  12. Yes, we aer thankful you didn’t go with afterbirth. LOL.

  13. I love your sense of humor.

  14. kelly-
    Phoebe actually loves the cold. She’s really a penguin in a child’s body.

    You want I should send you some snow? We got plenty to share.

    I’ll send her right over.

    Maybe her shovelling efficiency would improve with a toddler-sized shovel. Or does Fisher Price make a snowblower?

    Good point about babies being a sort of aftermath.

    Oh, come on. No guts, no glory. Or is it no guts, no gory?

    That cracked me up.

    I can send some snow your way, too.

    Oh, fine. No, I don’t actually have any.

    The well of cute kitty and kiddo photos will never run dry.

    Cold Spaghetti-
    You know, I think placentas are pretty cool, too. And wow, thanks so much for the nomination! (There are 2 sentences I wouldn’t have expected to write together…)

    You’re welcome!

    I love yours, too.

  15. theo has the same big eyes as pheobe!

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