the soundtrack of my life

This wrinkle in time, I cant give it no credit
I thought about my space and I really got me down

                                “Headache,” Frank Black

I have a headache I haven’t quite been able to shake for the last couple of days. I’m also generally feeling pretty run down. I think sleep deprivation has been catching up with me.

So why aren’t you going to bed, then, Alejna?

Well, I’ll be off to bed soon. But first I wanted to post this assignment I saw over at I’m Just Sayin:

Here’s how it works:
1. Open your music library on iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, or whatever
1. Shuffle it
3. For every ‘scene’ below, type the title and the artist in the order the songs come up


1. If you’re old and don’t have your tunes online, close your eyes and pull out 16 CDs, albums, cassettes, 8-tracks or 78s.¹
2. Actually shuffle them. Be careful, though — they’re antiques.
3. Type in the first title and artist for each scene below
4. Whichever way you do it, no cheating!

So, here’s my soundtrack:

Waking up: You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby, The Smiths
Falling in Love: Perfect Kiss, New Order
Fight Song: No No Raja, Moxy Fruvous
Breaking Up: Post Script, Catatonia
Prom: Martha Avenue Love Song, Innocence Mission
Life: More Than This, Charlie Hunter featuring…
Mental Breakdown: Pretty Pathetic, Smoking Popes
Driving: Shake the Disease, Depeche Mode
Flash Back: Oh Do Not Fly Away, Innocence Mission
Getting Back Together: Pretty Good Year, Tori Amos
Wedding: Ode to My Family, The Cranberries
Birth of a Child: I Ain’t Gone Under Yet, Neneh Cherry
Final Battle: Fire on Babylon, Sinead O’Connor
Death Scene: Punk to Funk, Fatboy Slim
Funeral Song: Photographic, Depeche Mode
End Credits: Paid to Smile, Lemonheads

I think that works.² It’s just missing Frank Black’s “Headache” for the montage of the last couple of days.


¹ I’ve seen variations of this floating around before, but I enjoyed Becky’s suggestion of shuffling the stack of 8-tracks.

² I will confess to having cheated slightly. The first shuffle I got was a load of stuff I either don’t like, and would skip over instead of listening to, or don’t even know. Which suggests to me that I need to clean out my iPod. But the list above is a real and genuine second shuffle.

7 responses to “the soundtrack of my life

  1. that worked out scary-well. my iphone trends heavily toward my 80s goth period, so when i did the shuffle there was a lot of cure, bauhaus, and smiths. some of the more apt results were:

    Falling in Love: just like heaven (the cure)
    Prom: watching me fall (the cure)
    Mental Breakdown: watch (sisters of mercy)
    Flash Back: fear of ghosts (the cure)
    Death Scene: of lillies & remains (bauhaus)
    Funeral Song: i started something i couldn’t finish (the smiths)
    End Credits: people who died (jim carroll band)

    there was also some highly inappropriate david bowie coming in around the “getting back together” pick – c’mon, “hey, hey, good morning girl, i can’t pass the time of day”?

  2. I think you are just trying to show off your ability to use superscripts! :)

  3. You know what I love about this? I don’t know ANY of this music.

  4. I’d probably slightly cheat, too, but only slighty and if necessary.

  5. The driving song shouldf have been Fly on the Windscreen.

  6. jenny-
    Those did work quite well. It also looks like a soundtrack I’d enjoy.

    What makeˢ you tʰink thªt?

    Seriously? Maybe I should send you a mix cd.

    It was necessary. The first list was so utterly sucky I wouldn’t have posted it at all.

    That would have fit right in!

  7. I’ve been meaning to do this assignment. Mainly because I love playing with my new iPod.

    P.S. Somehow I knew that of my friends you’d be the one to have New Order. I bet you also have Yaz on there somewhere. Me too.

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