hope (PhotoHunt)

Waiting for the train.

Waiting for the train.

There is a certain magic for me about the beginning of a journey. Once I can leave behind the stress of packing and the anxiety that I may forget something crucial (Do I have the tickets? Wallet? Passport? Did I leave the stove on?), the excitement about the travel ahead is allowed free reign. I look forward to the new and varied experiences. Seeing new sights, or revisiting old sights with eyes that have changed. Hearing the sounds, smelling the smells, tasting the foods. I love the process of travel itself, that physical sense of forward motion.

The anticipation that I’m going to get somewhere feels a lot like hope.

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.
–Robert Louis Stevenson

Having come across this quote while poking around for inspiration for this week’s Photo Hunt theme of “hope,” I thought to offer up a photo that suggests the hopefulness of a journey’s beginning.

The train station photo above is another one that I took on our 2007 trip to Europe. Shown is our luggage on the platform of the train station in Saarbrücken, Germany, as we waited for the train to Paris.

8 responses to “hope (PhotoHunt)

  1. What beautiful sentiments and the luggage does say – I hope I’ll have a good time!

    If you have time stop by and see my photo hunt.

  2. Excellent choice! Did you know that wait/hope/expect are all the same word in Spanish?

    “Did I leave the stove on?”

    Arrgh, that is so me as well.

  3. JyLnC-
    Yes, there is certainly the hope of a good time, too!

    Funny you should mention that. They are also the same in Portuguese. I was even considering working that into the post somewhere, too, but I opted for a shorter version. But who knows. Maybe I’ll do a separate post.

  4. A great choice for hope. I can certainly understand that feeling of hope at the beginning of a trip. Interesting quote from Stevenson. Not sure I totally agree with him, tho. Our destinations usually are places filled with family, friends, and joy so they’re as great as the travel.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I love traveling and we have exactly the same sentiments! Oh to travel to Europe again and by train to Paris from Germany? That sounds really exciting!

  6. Hi Alejna —

    As you know, I love to travel. I love the anticipation of travel but also travelling itself. So what I personally hope is that 2009 will allow me to travel some more still! :)

  7. oh.. today I HOPED my luggage would arrive without being torn up (like on the first leg of this journey…) and i got to HOPE for TWO HOURS as I sat in baggage claim waiting for my luggage.


  8. Every time I pack for a trip and pull out the pile of luggage, I smile at my big red backpack, the backpack that got me through three months of training through Europe, summer of 2003.

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