back in the swing of things

We’re back home now, after the post-Christmas trip to the in-laws. It’s good to be back home, but we’re pretty beat. We got home at about 2 in the morning. John even had to drive through an unexpected snow storm.

Theo had is 4 month checkup this morning, so we had to get up and out of the house around 9:00.

And then I went into Boston (well, Cambridge, actually) for my first in-person work meeting since Theo was born. I’ve been having conference calls roughly once a week, and while it’s been nice not having the hellacious commute, it was really great to be at the meeting in person. Phoebe didn’t have daycare, which I’d forgotten about when I said I could be at the meeting, but John was able to stay home with her. I did bring Theo, though. Which was…interesting. (He’ll probably be starting daycare in February, which is the soonest they can take him. I am looking forward to having more time to focus on my work, but at the same time wanting to hold on to this time.)

Anyhow, today ended up being pretty hectic, what with the appointment, the driving, the parking, the meeting, the feeding the meter, the feeding the baby, the changing the diapers, and the changing the parking spaces to avoid getting a ticket. I barely had time to get myself food.

Now I’m sitting here, redenting my preferred sofa cushion at home, and catching up a bit on my web surfing. John is upstairs working. Phoebe is in bed. And Theo is swinging in his swing. I have to say that I missed the swing while we were away at the in-laws. It’s not that Theo spends all his time there, but it does keep him happy (and/or asleep) nearby while my hands are otherwise engaged. Doing things like eating. Or typing.

7 responses to “back in the swing of things

  1. Nice to have a tool to keep the baby happy after a hectic day. I hope you have a happy and serene New Year’s Eve.

  2. 4 months! It doesn’t seem that long.

    Hectic days and trips away from home always make the comforts of home just a bit more comfortable.

  3. We just sold our two swings. They were perfect for when he needed a nap, but didn’t think he did.

    The doctor visits were always followed by some kind of illness. They tried to separate the Well Baby areasfrom the Sick Baby areas, but it never worked.

  4. Welcome back!! This was the first holiday we didn’t travel and it was nice and relaxing…hope you get some time to chill by yourselves.

  5. All praise The Swing! Alani, my smallest, is a slave to the swing. We even shoved the swing in the back of the van for a trip to my brother’s over Thanksgiving.

  6. indeed, the swing is king – it was a fave spot of my babyhood, too!

  7. I feel your day! There’s nothing quite like committee meetings with your baby pooping audibly next to you. On second thought, hopefully, you weren’t feeling it quite that same way.

    I struggle with working on a degree and parenting, but at the same time, feel blessed that I’m not working on tenure or holding down a strict 9-5 — it’s work, yes, it’s pressure, yes, and there is no time off from any of it. But it’s flexible. Pay sucks, but the schedule is okay.

    I’m very very impressed that you’re managing weekly conference calls! It takes me 3 weeks of emails for me to nail down 1 out of 4 committee members for a conversation… and I’m less than 10 minutes from campus!

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