picking a favorite (PhotoHunt)

photohunter7iqThis week’s PhotoHunt theme is “favorite,” which left me at a bit of a loss for interpretation. I’m not much good at picking favorites, in general. I’m more likely to give a list of 5 or 10 (or 100) of something, and say they are “among my favorites.”

Anyhow, I somewhat arbitrarily picked this recent photo (which I’d rated in my iPhoto Library as a “favorite”) as it seemed somewhat iconic of picking a favorite color. (Phoebe doesn’t have a favorite color right now. Sometimes she’ll pick one, like blue or purple, or sometimes she’ll say “I like all the colors.” A child after my own heart.)


11 responses to “picking a favorite (PhotoHunt)

  1. Very nice entry!I know what you mean.It is hard to choose sometimes.Gorgeous pic,btw!

  2. That’s a sweet picture.

    I love all colors, too! (But green and blue are my favorites.)

  3. I agree. My favorite color is rainbow. ;-) and I posted 5 photos!

  4. I love how you portrayed the favorite theme.
    This is an adorable photo.

    If you have time stop by and see my take.

  5. Love the little hand.

  6. Sounds like both daughter and mother have open minds! :)

  7. oh that little HAND!!

  8. This looks like fun. I think I’m going to start doing the photo hunt thing in 2009.

  9. It’s cute…you captured the “trying to pick” moment well.

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