the hunting of the tree

My mother is out for a visit, so I haven’t had much time for blogging. But I did want to share some photos.

We went to get a Christmas tree yesterday from our local tree farm. The farm is actually about 2 miles down the road from us, and we pass it on the way to Phoebe’s daycare. Remarkably, though, this was the first year we’ve managed to go there for a tree. (We’ve been there for blueberry picking, though.) We don’t always get a tree, since we tend to travel for Christmas. And then the times when we have gotten a tree, we’ve gone too late for the tree farm. (They seem to close for the season about a week before Christmas.)

Anyhow, it was a lot of fun. We had our first snow of the season overnight, so things were looking particularly wintery and festive.

Me with Theo bundled in the bjorn and a blanket. (Photo taken by my mother.)

Me with Theo bundled in the bjorn and a blanket. (Photo taken by my mother.)

My mother and Phoebe head out to find a tree.

My mother and Phoebe head out to find a tree.

Hunting the tree.

Hunting the tree.

Sawing the tree.

Sawing the tree.

Pulling the tree.

Pulling the tree.

Pulling the tree.

Pulling the tree.

Tagging the tree.

Tagging the tree.

Finally, here’s the video I like to call “shaking the tree.” (Alternately, you may prefer to watch this YouTube of a different Shaking the Tree.)

15 responses to “the hunting of the tree

  1. This is so cozy, it made me smile

  2. between the blueberry breakfast yesterday and the tree hunt today i don’t think your blog could get any cuter :)

  3. What a big tree farm! Phoebe is an expert tree hunter! A perfect specimen.

    Nice coat you have. It looks like suede?

    I wanted a particular tree (long-needled Scotch pine) so we went to a small place where I had seen some near the road. We had a bit more snow than you, and wasn’t it perfect? The guy at the tree farm seemed a bit addled in the head, later confirmed by the fact that although he stated the price for trees as $35, he had no five dollar bills for change. I wonder how many trees he ended up selling for $30 that day?

  4. Theo’s little face in the first shot is priceless. Nice tree, too!

  5. A fine choice! We’re getting our tree this Sat. Miss M (and me) can hardly wait.

  6. Oy it looks COLD there. Phoebe is so cute in that “hunting the tree” picture where she looks like she’s totally on a mission.

  7. I love the picture of you and Theo!

  8. How festive. But, it looks cold. I would totally love skiing much more if it didn’t have to take place in such cold.

    We have a fake tree which is beautiful, but very very fake. I think I can smell the goodness of your tree.

  9. Dance, tree! Dance!

    Great photos!

  10. I love the pictures (especially Theo’s little red nose and Phoebe’s look of triumph as she pulls the tree!). Really made me miss all the trees of my childhood. I haven’t had a live tree since the first year I lived in Brooklyn when my sister and I went out on Christmas Eve and got a love tall tree for something crazy like $10 because it was the night before Christmas and the guy clearly wanted to get out of there and felt sorry for us! Hmm … time to think about a real tree again? I’ll have to do some serious training with the cats, I fear.

  11. I was telling my husband how we have Christmas tree farms the other day and he looked at me like I was crazy. We DO get a real tree every year, but I guess he feels like enough of a martyr driving me to the store and listening to me wine about how I want the biggest one.

  12. Great pictures! We did the same thing last weekend, but I’m not together enough this week to get my pictures up.

  13. Alejna, can you really keep a Christmas tree alive for 3 weeks?

  14. look at you, picking and cutting your tree at a tree farm! you’re living my dream. sigh.

    (love your red coat!)

  15. I love the photos. The kids are cute, you are cute, the squat trees are cute, and your mom is a cutie with that blue (purple?) beret. You’ve exceeded your cute bandwidth for this month.

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