blueberry breakfast



photohunter7iqThis week’s PhotoHunt theme is “breakfast.”

These are pictures of Phoebe at breakfast this morning. She’s wearing my mother’s blue beret and eating frozen blueberries. (As in blueberries that are still frozen. She likes them that way. They’re like little blueberry popsicles.)

18 responses to “blueberry breakfast

  1. yummy… but don’t they turn your mouth purple? (with the cold and the color)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. my heart just skipped a beat

  3. That second picture should be turned into a watercolor.

  4. I like those jammies. that girl has style.

  5. Just make it sure it wont end up on her Pjs ,, I hate stain!!!!! hah aha h..
    anyway mine is here

  6. I love blueberries! And they are so good for you!

    I played too :)

  7. Those cheeks are TOO MUCH.

    Hooray for blueberries and the interesting diapers they inspire! :-)

  8. they are awesome that way, particularly if you sprinkle them with a bit of sugar. yum

    love the beret

    and her big eyes!

  9. That beret– so stylin’, I love it. She’s gorgeous.

  10. man, her eyes are the best blueberries of all.

  11. Blue berries, beret, and eyes – what a gorgeous trifecta!

  12. 1. where are you that it’s so delightfully sunny?! i’m horrendously jealous, given that it’s been relentlessly grey & cold for weeks here on the east coast.

    2. that 2nd pic, especially, is an AMAZING portrait of your daughter!

  13. Oh, frozen blueberries. Absolutely! And frozen grapes and frozen blackberries …

    I love her in that beret!

  14. Jen said it. Here eyes are blueberries.

  15. What a cutie! Thanks for dropping by my PH post last week.

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