This week’s PhotoHunt theme is “metal.” And as you know, I can take a theme and run with it. Sometimes running with it to such lengths that I cross state boundaries.

So, I’ve run on with my spoon theme. (Be grateful that I wasn’t running with scissors. Because, those are typically metal, too.) I also offer a flashback to last week’s reflection theme.





9 responses to “metal

  1. More utensils! BTW, got tempted to try out that “what utensil are you?” quiz on blog things that you brought to my attention. Answer: a fork… apparently! ;)

  2. oh this photo makes me want to go antiquing

  3. The ladle is my fave … reminding me how much I’m looking forward to making lots of soups this season, reminding me of the yummy pumpkin spice soup I had tonight when I got back to NYC. Mmm … soup!

  4. Cool — you were playing with light values too, huh?
    Nice shots and a neat theme.
    Love your stuff.

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