The Castle of the Pink Dragon

We’ve headed down to the in-laws for Thanksgiving. We drove down last night, after a crazy-busy hectic day. We arrived around midnight, and Phoebe was up well past 1:00. She was so excited to be down at the grandparents, though, that she woke up around 7:00. And with her new crib-free status, she was up and out of bed and in our room by 7:30. I was completely wiped out. Phoebe, on the other hand, was ready to play.

One of the perks of visiting Grammy and Grandpa’s house is that she gets to play with the castle. The castle is a Fisher Price Little People toy set that John played with when he was little. Some of the pieces are a little worse for wear (the poor horses have each lost a hoof or two), but it still makes for some great playing.

And because by it’s now after 11:00, and I have a list to prepare for tomorrow, I’ll leave you with these pictures.











7 responses to “The Castle of the Pink Dragon

  1. Love it! I remember all the excellent Fisher Price stuff my sister had. Those funny little shapely/shapeless bodies and those faces. Too cute. I love the photo of the king, almost as though he’s hiding out … from the pressures of the monarchy or from Phoebe!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! How long are you here for?

  3. Oh…those classic little people.

    That was before they discovered that those heads could be bitten off by toddlers…damn insurance companies!

  4. i had that castle growing up! or at least, I remember playing with one just like it. love the shot with her foot in it!

  5. I just had a Heavenly Creatures flashback!

  6. I loved that castle – especially the trap door.

  7. I used to have that castle! I spent hours droping people into the dungeon and hiding behind the stairs. I always wanted to be the little red head. Such memories!

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