Silly Men Walking

Rejoice! There is now a Monty Python channel on YouTube (warning: a video will start playing when you click that link), where you can find a host of Python clips. Okay, so you could find the clips on YouTube before, but they were all unauthorized:

For 3 years you YouTubers have been ripping us off, taking tens of thousands of our videos and putting them on YouTube. Now the tables are turned. It’s time for us to take matters into our own hands.

So now you can watch The Ministry of Silly Walks as Python intended:

In related news, today I also learned of this terribly Silly Short Movie involving Men Walking at The Skwib. Steve Sullivan’s brilliant “A Heap of Trouble” features men walking down the road singing: “…nine naked men just walking down the road…”

Intrigued? You can watch it yourself: “A Heap of Trouble.’

As Mark so eloquently warns:
“Warning: Not Safe for Work if your co-workers are uncomfortable with brief shots of sausage and/or Welsh singing.”

To read more about this short (where most of the men aren’t even wearing shorts), go visit The Skwib.

8 responses to “Silly Men Walking

  1. That is my FAVORITE monty python

  2. I love that one! My favourite is still the Gumbies brain surgery sketch though. Which apparently will now be available on youtube minus the random Spanish subtitles! A close second is James and Beatrice – never fails!

  3. *sigh* still no blancmange at wimbledon yet. or kamikaze scotsmen, for that matter.

  4. apparently my computer is afraid of welsh singing, as it will not even FIND the darn file. alas. just the photo alone over at skwib looks hysterical!

  5. “… can cause a heap of trouble for all concerned…”

    Oh, that was LURVELY.

  6. So awesome!

    My favorite sketch is the Homicidal Barber/Lumberjack song. But I love the Gumbies, too. :)

  7. Now I feel like it is my duty to watch every single clip they have provided for us,

  8. flutter-
    It may well be mine, as well. Though it’s hard to pick a favorite.

    I must investigate James and Beatrice forthwith.

    Ah, yes. Those boys have work to do.

    Oh, I’m sorry you missed it. You would have liked it, I dare say.

    So glad you lurved it!

    Every time someone mentions a sketch, I want to see it!

    Not only your duty, your solemn duty. Get to work, young lady.

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