We did it, we did it, we did it!

Less than 12 hours ago, John and I went to vote at one of the local schools. We waited till after picking up Phoebe from daycare so that we could bring her with us. Of course we brought Theo, too. One day, we will be able to tell them that they were there when we voted for Barack Obama.

And as you all know, at 11:00 p.m., the election was called for Obama.

I felt like dancing in the street. (But I don’t live in that kind of town.)

9 responses to “euphoria

  1. You Americans have certainly done it, Hold your heads high1 Congratulations.

    A Malaysian says:

  2. Then dance in your livingroom!

    I am so proud of you and all US-ians who helped make this happen.

    I read a great Twitter quote from Stephen Fry this morning … “The world so wants to love America and now they can again.”

    I am just so darned happy. I think we ought to break out the Doritos and red wine… ;)

  3. Hooray. It was amazing.

  4. I love that you vote as a family.

  5. Did you at least dance in your yard or the house? ;)

  6. I’m here all alone, but periodically I break out in dance. I’ll consider you my partner.

  7. So you did. This Canadian is dancing too.

  8. it’s impossible to be doing anything but.

    yes we did.

  9. i don’t live in that kind of town, either, but I did do a little dance in my living room!

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