getting to know you

I had to share these. That’s all.

12 responses to “getting to know you

  1. sweet, sweet, sweet!

  2. The bottom pic is crying out for a good caption.

  3. Oh my goodness! They are just precious!

  4. I have a similar set of BubTar and KayTar! There is one where he is kissing her and she has this “Gross! Boy cooties!” expression on her tiny infant face. I love it.

    Your kids are GORGEOUS!

  5. it’s all very cute, but I’m still laughing out loud about that last one!

  6. Oh, TOO cute. That last one slays me.

  7. wow, where is time going?

  8. Oh, I am LOL!

    And that pup – he looks just like Fiona’s old Kipper.

    And! Why does a double chin look so cute on your daughter and so…ugh… on me?

  9. Agreed with caption needed for bottom one: it’s like a LOLsibs waiting to happen.

    (O RLY? O RLY!)

  10. OMG – those are adorable.

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