gone crazy with the nominations

buttonsept2008The Just Posts went up today, offering up their sumptuous display of tasty activism-oriented morsels. Go pay a visit to Su, jen or Mad, and see what tastiness they have to offer.

In case you haven’t encountered it (them?) before, the Just Posts is (are?)¹ a monthly roundtable of posts from around the blogosphere on topics of social justice and activism. They are posted on the 10th of each month, and anyone can send in nominations to jen, Mad or Su.

I usually take it upon myself to nominate posts that I’ve come across each month. And since there’s no limit on how many one may contribute, and since I read so many great blogs, I like to nominate a generous-sized serving. I’m a bit lazy (and maybe even a bit timid) when it come to letting people know about the nominations. However, this month, I’ll put them out here in the open. (And spread a little more link love.)

For September, I nominated posts by leslie of adventures in randomness, den of Work + Play ≠ Dull Boy, magpie of Magpie Musing, Emily of Wheels on the Bus, girlgriot of if you want kin…, Rebecca of Flying Tomato Farms, Holly of Cold Spaghetti, and of course, by my heroes jen and Mad. (And, as I’ve confessed before, I also submitted one of my own posts.) Go have a look and see which posts I nominated! Just click any of the buttons below.²

Posts about topics of social value benefits writer and reader alike, and the Just Posts are a great way to spread awareness and share ideas and ideals. I really encourage any of you out there to participate, either by writing and nominating posts of your own, or by nominating posts by others who have inspired you and made you think. And certainly I encourage you to go read! (Go. Now. What are you waiting for?)

buttonsept2008 buttonsept2008 buttonsept2008

¹ Number agreement can be such a tricky beast…

² For the August round-up, I nominated posts by wreke of Wreke Havoc , Holly of Cold Spaghetti, YTSL of Webs of Significance, girlgriot of if you want kin… and Neil of Citizen of the Month.

11 responses to “gone crazy with the nominations

  1. this is cool. i’ve definitely got to check it out more. and thanks again for the aug nom :-)

  2. You are the bomb. Big smootches.

  3. Thank you thank you for the nominations AND for turning me on to this! A whole new world of great blogs to put on RSS!

  4. Oh, so that’s where my nomination came from! Belated thanks for it, Alejna! :)

  5. Thanks, Alejna!

    I’ll be watching for great posts and doing some nominations myself!


  6. you are the godmother of the roundtable, my sweet.

  7. Hey. Many thanks for the props. I would’ve been here sooner to say so but it’s Thanksgiving up here and I was off giving thanks for fall colours in a neighbouring province. And now that I am back home, I can give thanks to you.


  8. wreke-
    You’re welcome!

    Aw, shucks. You da bomb, too.

    Well, you’re welcome, too!

    I’m not sure the thanks count as belated when the notice for the gift was what was late! (And you’re welcome, as well!)

    I’m glad you’re planning to pass along some nominations!

    Do I get a wand? Or does that require fairy status?

    Thanks for the thanks!

  9. Sorry it took me so long to say THANK YOU!!! (And, yes, this is the ONLY thank you note I am writing today…)

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