because azahar kicks ass

A couple of weeks ago, WrekeHavoc (who herself kicks ass) bestowed upon me this lovely award:

Kick Ass Blogger Award

I’m usually pretty lame about passing on such awards, for my own various reasons, though I am flattered when people think of me for them. However, I feel compelled to pass this one along.

So, I hereby proclaim that azahar, of casa az, is a kick-ass blogger.

She finds and posts quirky tidbits she finds about the web, as well as writing a bit about herself and her life. She also writes and posts appetizing photos about her epicurean adventures as she explores the restaurants of Sevilla. (She even has a whole blog dedicated to tapas in Sevilla.) You can be pretty much assured of finding some sort of treat every time you visit her.

What I find most endearing about az is that she makes it easy for me to forget that I haven’t met her in “real life.” She has created a very warm and friendly atmosphere at her blog, inviting commenters to come in and stay for a chat. It’s no surprise that you’ll always find a few friendly folks (or interesting characters) stopping in. (Mind the cat hair, though. I’m pretty sure her kitties are always lurking nearby.)

Now azahar is going through some major life trials. A few months ago, she was diagnosed with cancer. She has been sharing her experiences and thoughts, writing with both humor and sincerity, as she navigates the perilous seas of cancer treatment.¹ Right now, she’s in the hospital recovering from what hopefully was a very successful operation to remove cancer from her liver.

Anyhow, if you have a chance, stop by and say “hi” to her. She’s got internet access there at the hospital, and I know she’d love to have more visitors. No need to check in at the front desk; go right on up.² I’m sure she can use the distraction from hospital food, which probably doesn’t hold a candle to the offerings of Sevilla’s finest tapas bars.

¹ Arrr! Me metaphors are still colored by Friday’s Talk Like a Pirate business!
² See my semi-colon?

4 responses to “because azahar kicks ass

  1. I heartily endorse this post… Az kicks ass in RL and on her blog. She’s my hero!

  2. Arrr! That be a fine usage of that thar semi-colon, ye bilge rat!

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  4. Anneke-
    Thanks for your endorsement, and your visit!


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