algumas flores do Brasil (para o Dia das Mães)

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m here in São Paulo, and am about to head out the door for the last few hours of my visit. I don’t have time to post anything much, as I should probably use my time to see stuff instead of staying inside, tethered to my laptop.

But it’s Mother’s Day, so I’ll mark the day by sharing a few photos with you. These are some flowers that were around in the hotel resort where the conference was held in Campinas. I know that one is a bird of paradise, but I don’t have names for the other two. There’s “the orange one” and “the pink ones.” Can you name those flowers?

8 responses to “algumas flores do Brasil (para o Dia das Mães)

  1. I believe that they may be bromeliads, which the internet informs me are members of the pineapple family.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. this is beautiful!

  3. even though we had birds of paradise in my yard when we lived in CA, I still can’t see them without singing that song “may the bird of paradise fly up your nose.. may an elephant caress you with his toes…” in my head (or outloud, if I’m alone)

  4. they be bromeliads, as julia mentioned.

    have a good trip home!

  5. The thing I still haven’t gotten over with LA is that there are birds of paradise EVERYWHERE.

  6. They are…BEAUTIFUL!

  7. So pretty! I love flowers, and always take pictures of them for my mom. I haven’t seen any of those tropical-type flowers in awhile…it was only a few weeks ago that the snow stopped!!!

  8. yep, extra-pretty bromeliads, which i’m ever so fond of. once, when i was a wee kiddo, mom bought a flashy pink one like those in your last pic, only with smaller leaves. when we looked at it in the kitchen, we discovered a tiny pool of water trapped between some of the lower leaves, and an even tinier tree frog living in there. that little tree frog lived out in our front patio planter all that year…

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