the well of idioms may be about to run dry

I’m afraid I may have upset the apple cart with yesterday’s scandalously wasteful overuse of idioms. (I mean, I packed in the idioms like sardines, all higgledy-piggledy as if they grew on trees.) Because as some of you know, this country is suffering from the ravages of an idiom crisis:

Idiom Shortage Leaves Nation All Sewed Up In Horse Pies

WASHINGTON—A crippling idiom shortage that has left millions of Americans struggling to express themselves spread like tugboat hens throughout the U.S. mainland Tuesday in an unparalleled lingual crisis that now has the entire country six winks short of an icicle.

To do my part to conserve, I’ll resolve to work on recycling old careworn and threadbare clichés, and coining my own beet-juggling idioms. For more details, please tumble your aardvark over to the full story at The Onion.

7 responses to “the well of idioms may be about to run dry

  1. I LOVE the Onion. I once tricked my French husband into believing that it was a real newspaper.

  2. Great article! Made me laugh like… like a … like a laughing thing.

  3. sassy-
    That’s great! Some of their articles are really quite convincing. And some of them are chillingly prescient.



    Yeah, it was pretty toe-twitchingly amusing, wasn’t it?

  4. This cracked me up!

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