allow me to bore you

YTSL of Webs of Significance tagged me (ages ago) for this “unimportant things” meme, the task of which is to list six unimportant items about myself. Seeing as I talk about myself all the freakin’ time, it’s become harder to come up with lists of things about myself that I haven’t revealed in a post. (cf. 6 weird things about me, 7 little known things about me, and 6 guilty pleasures I indulge in.) Whereas it would greatly amuse me to make things up, and maybe I’ll do that one of these days, I have decided to dredge up more insignificant factoids.

  1. I sneeze when I eat dark chocolate. As in the really dark, 70% cacao or above, kind. Strong mints have the same effect. If I eat white Tic-Tacs, I will sneeze exactly once per Tic-Tac that I eat, within a few seconds of putting it in my mouth.
  2. I don’t like bell peppers. I particularly don’t like green bell peppers. I find it irritating that a lot of vegetarian food has lots of peppers in it.
  3. I have crooked teeth. Not hugely crooked, but enough that you will rarely see me smile with my teeth visible in photos.
  4. My body doesn’t self-regulate its temperature very well. My hands and feet tend to get very cold in the winter. In the summer, I often overheat, since I tend to sweat very little.
  5. I have very dry skin. This, along with the previous item, makes me feel somewhat reptilian. (Well, not really.)
  6. But, speaking of reptiles, I like lizards. (I’ve never had one as a pet, though. They felt a bit like pets in Hawaii, though, the way the ran around on the walls. This may be the source of my appreciation for lizards.) I have somewhat of a collection of things with a lizard motif, but am glad they are somewhat subtle in our home. Some of my friends and relatives have given and/or made me some really cool lizard things over the years.

This meme comes along with some rules, which you can see at YTSL’s if you like. (Ha! I’m breaking a rule just by not posting them. I am a rebel!) But I’ll mention the tagging bit: “Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.”

I’ve decided to have a bit of fun with the idea of “six random people.” I have (more arbitrarily than randomly) chosen the last 6 people to use the tag “randomness” on at the time that I checked. I tag, and offer to you, this list of six lovely semi-randomly chosen lovers of randomness (along with their last posts of randomness).

  1. ladyhustler of Simple Complexities (how to write a Haiku)
  2. maddie of alive & amplified (This distance)
  3. theblossoms of Blossom-ing (schizophrenic)
  4. Carrie of in the process of living (Looking forward.)
  5. blandable of Bland Musings (Poetry Saga part Deux)
  6. Olivia of Olivia’s Total Randomness (Things I Love)

18 responses to “allow me to bore you

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  2. Wow… you rebel.

    Sneezing with chocolate… hmm… wonder if the theobromine does it.

  3. I am right there with you on the lizard skin thing

  4. My hands and feet are always cold. Except when I was pregnant. Then my entire body was on fire. *sigh*

  5. Hi Alejna —

    Thanks for doing the meme.

    Re your revelation #2: I’m the same way.

    Re #6: Lizards (as in geckos) are good. Do you know that the view in tropical countries is that it’s good to have them around one’s home as they’re good at eating mosquitoes? :)

  6. #1 is just strange. And I have really dry skin, too.

  7. Hey there! I’m the person who comes after you on the list for the experiment, so I totally look forward to your questions…

    …and by the way, I really really enjoy your blog. :)

  8. maddie-
    You are a star!

    Mme M-
    Theobromine? I dunno…

    Reptiles unite!

    Cold hands, warm heart, right?

    At least I know that when I someday have dinner with you, you won’t force bell peppers on me. As for the lizards, I did know about their mosquito-eating talents. That, if it was not their cuteness, was probably what led me to first admire them.

    My husband sneezes when the sun gets in his eyes. I find that stranger…

    Plain Jane-
    Thanks for coming by, and for the compliment! I’ll have to get cooking on those interview questions for you.

  9. Of course! You can email me at

  10. #2. girl. me too.

  11. I hate cooked green peppers, but my inlaws hate ALL bell peppers, which makes me sad, as raw red & yellow bell peppers are my favorite munching snack, and I love roasted red bell peppers. Love.

    But I am your sister in epidermal driness.

  12. thanks for dropping by my site and dropping a witty comment. :)
    have a great site here!

  13. hey, as per the rules I just wanted to let you know my entry is up.

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  15. Plain Jane-
    I’ll do that!

    We should start an anti-pepper movement.

    Cooked green peppers are by far the worst offenders. And I used to like raw red and yellow ones raw, too, till I realized they actual upset my stomach. As for roasted red peppers, I’ll confess that I have been known to enjoy them at times.

    Thanks for coming by, too. But what of the tagging? Won’t you play this silly game?

    Hurray! I’m so glad you’ve played along!

  16. oh i will!!
    i just need to start thinking of the 6 unimportant things. i will tag you as soon as i post it! :)

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