The Golden Pants Award

golden_pants.jpgJon Stewart: …and the award for the Most Distinguished Pants Blog, the coveted Golden Pants Award, goes to alejna of collecting tokens. [cue cheesy music]

alejna: [choking back the tears] I can’t believe what an honor this is for me. It seems like just yesterday that I first tried on pants blogging. Now with 31 pants posts under my belt, I feel that I’ve come far in the world of pants blogging. But I know that there are many more important issues of pants that need to be laid bare. I will continue to strive to dress them…I mean address them in the dignified manner which they so richly deserve.

I would like to thank the Academy of Pants. I’d of course like to thank my mother, who put me in my first pair of pants. I’d like to thank all my friends and family members who encouraged me in the pursuit of pants, with the occasional kick in the pants. Thanks to those who brought pants crises and pants celebrations to my attention. And thanks, above all, to my various pairs of pants, which were always there to cover my ass in times of need.


This week’s Monday Mission, which I chose to accept in part because I have many other things which I should be doing and this seemed like more fun, was to write a post in the form of an acceptance speech. I’d also like to extend my thanks to Painted Maypole, for the specific inspiration for this post. When she wrote her pants entry for last week’s Mission, I told her I felt like I’d been awarded the Golden Pants Award. It seems only fitting that I should have my acceptance speech ready.

16 responses to “The Golden Pants Award

  1. richly, richly deserved. and that will look fabulous on your mantel.

  2. in honor of you, i am donating pants all week. all week, it’s pants i say. pants for all.

  3. Ha! I love it!

    Are you and your pants going to Disney World?

  4. Hooray for the Golden Pants! :)

  5. Your photoshopping skills are growing, dear. Bravo!

  6. That post was just pants.

  7. painted-
    I’m thinking of redecorating to match the shiny gold.

    Pants to the people!

    Thanks, no. I think my pants and I will just sit on the couch.

    An excellent word!

    Hip, hip!

    Gee, thanks!

    Ah, you make me blush. I did have to ask for a bit of help to change silver into gold, though. (Is that alchemy?) But the clumsy cropping is all mine.

    Glad you like!

    I hope you mean that in the nice way…


  8. verily, i envy thine mighty mad photoshop skillz. it’s a pantsload of awesome.

  9. What are these things you call pants?

  10. * Thunderous Applause! *

  11. fireweaver-
    Ah, pantsload. There’s a word I should use more often.

    You ask such a deep, philosophical question…

    City Girl-
    Ah, thanks. * beams with self-satisfaction *

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