I’m nothing like this


La, la, la. I don’t know anyone at all like this. La, la, la. I’m hard at work on my research. *cough* La, la, la. *cough* I have no idea why John would have sent me this comic.

11 responses to “I’m nothing like this

  1. I’d like to encourage people to click through and look at some of the other Ozy and Millie strips. It’s a brilliant, quirky comic strip that inevitably makes me laugh.

    Buy his stuff, too!

  2. No alejna, I’m not like that cartoon at all either.

  3. *looking up and humming*

  4. I’ve always been quite in awe of people who could uni-task…

  5. jwbates-
    It is a good strip. And it’s good to hear you laugh.

    No, not at all. It’s another quality that we have in common.

    Nothing to see here. Nope.

    Yes, I remember the uni-task issue coming up in a post where I first met you. Some sort of list of things you’d like to be able to do, perhaps?

  6. how did john get ahold of my diary?

  7. I like the space garlic.

  8. painted-
    It’s best not to ask that sort of question. I’m not sure either of us wants to know the answer.

    Yes, the space garlic is a particularly nice touch.

  9. Oh – I totally can’t relate. Nope. Not me. ;)

  10. Audra-
    You neither? It’s nice to meet someone else who is not like that.

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