summertime blues

blueberries.jpgWe went blueberry picking yesterday. What was most exciting about this was that we only had to go about 2 miles up the road. This is one of the perks of living out in the boonies.

The farm is actually a tree farm, and this was their first year with blueberries. The farmers said they think the bushes produced some last year, but they think the birds got all of them. This year, they put up a fence and nets. And those little blueberry bushes had lots and lots of berries.
Phoebe picked quite a few berries. She was a bit unclear on the concept of putting the berries into the container, though. When I’d hold the container out to her, she’d reach in to take some out. She had her own ideas for berry storage. One of the farm owners was out in the rows tending to the bushes, and gave us the go-ahead to let Phoebe have her way with the berries. (They don’t spray the bushes with anything, plus the rain of the night before had given the berries a good extra rinse.) The farmer also said she liked it when kids ate the berries right from the bushes, since it let them see where they came from. Phoebe was ever so happy to oblige. Since they charged for the berries by the pound, we thought it would have been fairest to weigh Phoebe going in, and then once more before leaving. But the farmers would have none of it.
phoebe_blueberries1.jpg phoebe_blueberries2.jpg

It was a remarkably pleasant way to spend part of the morning. The farm was picturesque, and not even remotely crowded. The weather was beautiful. Sunny with a nice breeze, so it wasn’t too hot. We even got to meet the dairy farmer who lives up the road from us, who was also there picking blueberries with his wife.

We ended up picking 2 full quarts of blueberries. (Or at least filling 2 quarts. With Phoebe’s help, we picked more.) We headed home, and within a few minutes were snacking on the fruits of our minimal efforts. I’d thought I’d be making a blueberry cobbler, or some such, to deal with all those berries. But well, we didn’t have too much trouble making a dent in our harvest. I hadn’t realized just how good fresh-picked berries could be, still slightly warm from the morning sun. We may well have to head back down the road for seconds before long.

13 responses to “summertime blues

  1. Blueberries are great. An aunt of mine has a farm not far from me and when I was younger I used to go up there and pick several ice-cream-containers’ worth of blueberries. Yum.

    Make everything go blue if you spill the juice though.


    I made this a couple of times with our blueberry harvest. Summery, light, pretty and easy. That’s my kind of dish!

  3. Damn. I am going to have to get my butt in gear if I want to fulfill my plan that we will go berry picking at least ONCE this summer. How the days fly by.

    I can’t blame Phoebe, I’d be eating those berries, too. YUMMY. I love the owners’ attitude, though…knowing where your food comes from is so important.

  4. Yellow squash plus blue berries makes bright green!

    At least, when mashed up and mixed together well.

    Diaper fun for all!

  5. Jangari-
    How great to have grown up with such ready access to blueberries. Hope you get back there again sometime.

    Thanks for the recipe. I like easy! (Though right now, the first haul of blueberries is history. But, we’ll be back…)

    Yes, get that butt in gear. I was so thrilled that we managed. We totally missed the boat on strawberries, but hopefully we’ll manage boats for other fruits, too.


    I think you have the basis of a picturebook…Or perhaps it’s best left without the images…

  6. Mmmmmmmmm, blueberries! Coincidentally, have been having my first blueberries since I left the U.S.A. over here in Hong Kong. Sure they’re not ones I picked myself but they’re still pretty good… :b

  7. oh, wow. just wow. now i want to run through blueberry fields picking with abandon.

  8. YTSL-
    Great! Do they grow them somewhere nearby, or have they been imported?

    It’s kinda hard to pick berries while running, but otherwise, I’m all about the abandon.

  9. Hi Alejna —

    I just looked at the pack of blueberries I have in my fridge and it says “from the USA”. So…not very ecologically sound and all that but…it’s hard to resist blueberries, and strawberries — and, if I could find them here — blackberries… ;(

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