wearing my late-night cranky pants

We’re down in New York again, to visit John’s parents. John’s father has been in and out of the hospital since July, when he (re)broke his hip. So we’ve been coming down here to visit quite often. (Actually, this summer, we estimate that we spent more time here than at home.) I’m glad that we are able to come down here pretty easily, as it’s only a 3 and half hour drive for us. And it’s so important to be with family, especially in difficult times.

Anyhow, John’s father is back in the hospital again, and here we are. To offer help and support. My main job is to offer Phoebe, who offers much cuteness and huggage. Never underestimate the power of distraction.

But, while I’m glad we can be here, and even pushed for us to make this trip down this week, I also (selfishly) am going batty. Because I have even less time to myself than I have at home. I don’t know why I expect to get things done on these trips. I had in mind all sorts of work I’d get done, and packed accordingly. Book to read for my class. Stationery for writing the last of my seriously overdue thank you notes. Soundfiles on my laptop for annotation. Microphone to do some recordings for work. Articles to read for work. But the days slip away with socializing with John’s mother, visiting the hospital, and caring for Phoebe, who is going through a tough teething period. The most I’ve gotten done of my work was to start the reading for my class, and then get distracted

And once again, here it is really freakin’ late at night. And rather than sleeping or getting to any of the work I should be doing, I sit here with my laptop writing about the work I should be doing and the sleep I should be getting.

3 responses to “wearing my late-night cranky pants

  1. I have found myself doing the same thing after a way too busy day – writing away when I should be sleeping and questioning myself for doing it. But I have come to the conclusion that the writing is part of coping and is a necessary thing. If you didn’t write about it you would no doubt lay in bed running it all through your mind anyway. At least this way you share it with others who gain strength from the connection.

  2. and we thank you for sharing. Writing for me is a way for letting stuff out- sharing good news and thoughts to form connections. which does remind me- i have most excellent news which will be posted on bluegrassinmypocket.wordpress.com later. i’m writing about it now…

  3. Alice-
    Yes, writing has become a way of coping. And sometimes I realize that if I don’t write, I’ll just get crankier, and ultimately less productive. So I lose a bit of sleep…And thanks for the affirmation that the writing is also a way of connecting, and therefore worth sharing. The connections are really great.

    Thank you for the thanking. Again, the affirmations are appreciated. Especially since I felt like giving this post a title like “rant that’s not worth reading.” And yay on your bluegrass blog news. Very cool.

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