In case of fire, ignore punctuation.

I think it’s pretty clear that the sign below is not well-punctuated:

The question is, what would the better punctuation be? Would a semicolon be amiss on a sign advising emergency protocol?

6 abstract compositions

Yes, more stairs. Because once I’ve found a theme to run with, I want to keep running with it. This time I’m running up and down stairs.

upstairs, downstairs

Here is another collection of stairways, both near and far. (Most of these near, it would appear.) In most of these, I’m looking down, but the last two are looking up.

Dublin, Ireland.

Boston, MA.

Cambridge, MA

Boston, MA

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA

London, England.

spiraling down (or up)

Here are several spiral staircases I’ve seen.

A double helix spiral staircase in Paris, France. 2007.

An ironwork spiral staircase inside the library at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 2014.

Stairway inside a hotel in Glasgow, Scotland. 2015.

the stairs not taken

It’s good to take the stairs when you can. It’s good exercise, and all that. Of course, there are times when it’s less feasible to do so. These are the back stairs at my old house at a couple of times when taking the stairs was a less-than-inviting option. (Of course, I had to take on those stairs. With my snow shovel. Which I guess is also good exercise.)

February, 2013

February, 2015.

Happily, this year was a very moderate winter for snow. On the other hand, we have snow on the forecast for tomorrow. Which is technically not part of this winter.

taking the stairs

Boston, MA 2014

Kyoto, Japan 2004

Cambridge, MA 2009

New Lanark, Scotland, 2015

Out of order. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Like the elevator in this photo, it would appear that this blog has been out of order. Obviously, the trouble here is that I have gotten baggage carts stuck in my door. Once the obstruction is cleared, I expect to be back in order soon. Meanwhile, please take the stairs.