morning ice


I’m not a morning person, but I have come to really enjoy my morning walks with the dog. Now that the cold weather has set in, I am often treated to fascinating displays of frost and ice. There must have been a bit of an ice storm overnight, because this morning many of the trees were adorned with drops of ice, which sparkled in the morning sun.

Black & white & red all over


My black and white dog is very photogenic, especially against a backdrop of bright red leaves.

3 photos of 3 berries


This little configuration of 3 berries in the undergrowth caught my eye a few months ago, with their backdrop of bright green crossed by shadows. As you can see, the backdrop changed quite a bit over time. (The last photo was from about a week ago.)

me and my shadow


Here is my shadow. Also my dog’s shadow.

lightly frosted

These were some photos I took on my morning walk last week. The late fall plants were lightly frosted, and catching the morning sun.

taking the cake

Today is this blog’s birthday, but I didn’t bake it a cake. I took this cake (photo) from a birthday earlier this year.


I’m rather sad that I’ve been neglecting this blog, and blogging in general, including visiting other blogs and interacting with other bloggers. I know a few of my friends are still actively blogging, which makes me happy. And maybe I’ll get back to it again myself. This space was a great creative outlet. Clearly I’m not ready to pull the plug on it entirely.

So, happy birthday to a blog that’s only been mostly dead. (Which is still partly alive.)

Vote well, USA, vote well.

There are a lot of important races and questions on the ballots across the United States for tomorrow’s election. I have become deeply invested in many races, near and far. I have given of my time, my energy, my funds, and so much more. There is a lot at stake.

One question that should not even be up for debate, but has somehow made it onto the ballot in Massachusetts, is about whether my state should maintain protection of the rights of transgender individuals. To protect transgender rights, I hope that my state overwhelmingly votes “yes” on question 3.


If you are a voter in Massachusetts, please vote “yes” on question 3. Please protect the rights of transgender people. (I made made these buttons to show my support.)

Or, as this video so eloquently puts it, “Be a Masshole, not an asshole.”

What are some of the races and questions that you are invested in? There is so very much to care about right now.