grains of sand

I’m playing around with crops again, this time to show the coolness of the grains of sand from one of yesterday’s photos. (More of my zooming in can be found here and here.) Next I need to get photos of sand with a real macro lens set-up. Or a microscope!

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4 responses to “grains of sand

  1. They look more like the rocks they are!

  2. I love it. Is it different crops of just one image or multiple images of the same patch of sand?

    • Annette, these are different crops. I was using my telephoto, and really only got one photo of the sand. (Well, I was taking a picture of the shell.) I hadn’t realized how clearly the sand came out until looking at the picture later on my laptop. Otherwise I probably would have gone a little crazy and taken my usual dozen photos of the same subject!

  3. Wow. Gorgeous sand, gorgeously photographed!

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